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The mission of Tanzania Christian Clinic is to educate health care providers in the arts of tropical and missionary medicine, to alleviate sickness by treatment and prevention, and to elucidate the teachings of Jesus the Great Physician to all who are receptive.  Primary mission activities are:

  1. Health care – TCC exists to offer quality health care to all who present for treatment. However, the primary target population is intended to be the medically underserved.  Fees for service are established on a sliding scale basis so as to be prohibitive to none.  TCC is a not-for-profit organization and no expatriates receive a salary from the clinic.
  2. Education– A major objective of TCC is education of two sorts:
    • Clinical training – Students from the U.S. and other countries are invited to schedule academic rotations in tropical medicine at TCC.  Physicians in residency training, medical students, physician’s assistant students, nursing students and students in pharmacy or other allied health fields are welcome to apply.  TCC exists to serve as a medical missions training center.  Long term goals include the establishment of an academic affiliation with a like-minded American university.
    • Patient education – The teaching of preventive medicine is an objective of TCC.  Teaching occurs at the individual level and at the community level.  Mobile medical clinics to outlying areas are scheduled on a regular basis. These clinics serve as venues for teaching preventive medicine.
  3. Evangelism – TCC exists to teach the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.  In the final analysis, all medical care ends in mortality.  Therefore, to engage in ministry with a truly lasting impact, living water must be offered.  Those who are born twice will die once, but those who are born only once will die twice.